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    The company aim: the quantity is a life, begging the existence with the prestige, developping with science and technology, taking the brand of the superior quality as to serve!
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       We,HangZhou TianKang Instrument and Meter Co.,Ltd,is one of main producer
    for temperature Sensor in China.
       The main scope of products:Measurement instrument of Temperature;Pressure
    etc. Some of them like temperature Sensor, Thermocouple,RTD were widely used
    in Iron and Steel industry, Mechanical; Ordinance;Glass and tobaccos industry
    and so on.
      We'd like to cooperate with all firms and friends in the world to cooperate
    and improve our business scope. We are ensure you that with best quality and
    Please contact us if you need our help.
    E-mail: tiankang@tiankang.net
    Contact information: Name: Tang Ming Lin / President
    Want to understand
    the detailed data
    of the product,
    please deliver
    e-mail to us,
    make the contact
    with us,
    we will give out
    detailed data you!
    All Products List
    Armored Thermocouple

    Assembly Thermocouple

    Explosion-proof Thermocouple

    armored Thermal Resistance

    Assembly Thermal Resistance

    Explosion-proof Thermal Resistance

    Thermocouple(Thermal Resistance)with Temperature Transmitter

    Explosion-proof Thermocouple(Thermal Resistance)with Temperature Transmitter

    SBW Series (Temperature Transmitter) Type

    Thermocouple (Thermal Resistance) for Power Station

    Petrochemical industry-purpose Thermocouple (Thermal Resistance)

    Special Thermocouple (Thermal Resistance)

    Bimetallic Thermocouple


    Special Cables

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    0571-86463196   Electrical Transmission:0571-86463937   e-mail:tiankang@tiankang.net
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